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Below is a list of items that all Carolina One athletes should consider doing if they desire to play in college.

Online Profile

An online player profile is available for all C1 athletes who are high school freshmen or older. Login to your player account to update your profile. Your profile is the first contact most college coaches are going to have with you. As coaches run searches through our database, lists full of players' names will be created. Coaches then begin the job going down the list player by player. Be accurate in your profile, and make sure to include every little piece of information that will help that coach see you as an individual.

In addition, all players registered in our system have the option to create a free account with MaxSportsRecruit. When you login to your player account, you will see the logo for MaxSportsRecruit - click on it to open your free account. Again, it is important to make sure the information in your profile is always up to date. We encourage you to take full advantage of the free MaxSportsRecruit account. If you are interested in uploading videos to your profile or using the college contact feature, the cost is $100/year. Please note that this program is not run by Carolina One, but is available to all our athletes.


The most important items in your profile are videos depicting your skills and your game performance. One easy way to get your videos out there for free is to create your own YouTube channel. As you add videos, you can email new links to college coaches.

Skills Video

Most coaches are first drawn to your skills video. If your skills video grabs their attention, they will look at your game video and other information. So a good representation of your skills is very important. The tape does not need to be too elaborate, but it needs to be a good representation of what you can do. You should put your best 60 seconds at the beginning of the video. Remember that while 4-6 minutes does not seem too long to spend looking at a player, the coach may not watch past the first 60 seconds if the skills are not at the level of their program. Your goal should be to grab their attention right from the start!

C1VB is happy to assist our players with skills videos. Contact Kim Christman for more information. 

Game Video

The game video is also important for college coaches. If the coach likes your skills, then they will invest more time looking at your game video. The game video does not need to be too elaborate, but it does need to be uninterrupted. Here, the coaches are looking at your performance under stress. They are looking at your reactions to good and bad plays, movement on the court, behavior towards other players, attitude, aggressiveness, and leadership ability. Namely, they are looking at all the things a skills video does not show.

Parents, the easiest way to capture the player's best game footage is to tape all games/matches at each tournament. The player will know which games they played best in or feel the best about. At the end of each tournament day, ask your daughter which games she felt were her best from the day, and make notes to keep those games for use in the game video. As the player progresses, or has an outstanding game, add to or replace old games on the player profile.

Profile Updates & Coach Communication

You should aim to communicate with coaches at your desired schools every time your profile is updated, or every time a new development occurs in your game. If you take your SAT or ACT, let the coaches know that you took them and what the results were. If you add a new video, send them a short email with the link to the new video. Before you travel to large tournaments, send emails to coaches you expect to be there to let them know that you will be playing in the tournament and would like for them to watch you. The idea is to keep your name in front of them, and to be your best promoter. Always include your contact information and contact information for your club coach and club director in your emails.

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