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C1VB Statement regarding club tryout dates for 15U and older:

July 9, 2021
It has come to our attention that an Upstate area club is holding tryouts for 15U and older club teams in early August, rather than the traditional, sanctioned, time frame of early November, after the school season. We at C1 are opposed to this timeframe, and will be holding our tryouts at the usual October/November timeframe. We do not take this decision lightly, and want to share with you our reasons for continuing to abide by the Palmetto Region's sanctioned tryout time frame:

1. We believe in protecting the integrity of the high school season.

Especially after the shortened or missed seasons in 2020, we strongly believe the players deserve to have a fun, fulfilling high school season during which they are not distracted by club tryout results or potential club team training. We also don't want to risk players getting injured during club tryouts when they are just starting their high school seasons. Furthermore, the early August dates are in direct conflict with many local high school tryouts, which we believe to be a huge source of stress for players, families, and high school coaches.

2. The Palmetto Region will not recognize club contracts signed until the traditional fall signing dates.

For players who do choose to participate in early tryouts, that means your team is not guaranteed until everyone signs a contract - in November. We don’t see the reasoning behind having tryouts in August when teams can’t be finalized for 3 months.

3. We want to give a fair chance to all players to make an appropriate club team level.

Every year, we see players who move in from out-of-state, or from county to county during the high school season, or who don't decide to play club until after their school season. Also, many players benefit from increased playing time during their school seasons, and may improve enough to move up a team level or two. Early tryouts will not allow for this player growth, and may result in teams with uneven playing levels.

4. We believe that players should know who their club coaches (and teammates) will be before committing to a team.

Very few clubs have their full slate of coaches at this point, and even fewer can guarantee that those coaching assignments won't change between now and November. We are very purposeful in assigning coaches to certain team age groups and levels, and we want to have adequate time to make the best possible match ups. We also believe that coaches should have a say in selecting their teams, and many of our coaches are focused on their high school or middle school seasons.

5. We believe everyone deserves a break!

Many of our teams just finished competing at AAU or USAV Nationals, and players are currently participating in summer workouts for high school seasons. We want our coaches, players, and families to have time to reflect on the accomplishments of this club season, take their summer vacations, and shift their focus to school seasons, without having to stress over next year's club tryouts in just a few weeks.

6. We don't think club teams should practice during high school season. 

If players participate in early tryouts and make a team, they may feel pressured to then participate in club team practices during the high school season. We are extremely opposed to this idea - besides the risk of injury, this practice undermines the integrity of the high school season and would allow more unnecessary stress to creep into the school season.

7. Adequate gym space is a concern for many clubs.  

While Carolina One is fortunate to have our own gym space there are many other clubs in the area that are not as fortunate. Pushing clubs to have tryouts before they are able to secure adequate space is ill-advised and Carolina One supports other clubs opportunities to host tryouts. Early tryouts also run the risk of a club forming more teams than it ends up having enough practice space or coaches for.

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