The Carolina One Difference

How to Compare Clubs

Every club is different. Use our Club Comparison Sheet [PDF] to help you compare clubs and decide which one is right for your athlete. When comparing clubs, be sure to ask specific questions about what is included in the cost, tournament schedules, hours of practice, uniforms, speed and agility training, optional practices and other benefits.

Why play for Carolina One?

Carolina One is the longest running club in the Greenville and Pickens areas of South Carolina. We are committed to developing athletes in our local area and pushing those athletes to develop as volleyball players and young people in a positive, competitive environment.

Every player will have a different club experience. Those who put more effort in usually get more out of it. Carolina One strives to provide quality training for every player involved in our program, from Juniors teams to National teams. Below are some of the advantages for playing for Carolina One.

Quality Training

Carolina One is one of the few clubs in the area to provide two coaches for all of our top level teams. This means more reps, more feedback, and more productive practices. Many of our experienced volleyball coaches have played Division I college volleyball - the highest level of collegiate volleyball, and have coached club for many years. We also employ some of the best middle school, high school, and college coaches in the state. In addition, most of our coaches return year after year, offering players consistent high-level training.

Our club is unique because we are run by a former Division I volleyball player who has played at a high level and has been through the college recruiting process, offering us a unique advantage to help players reach their goals. All of our coaches are at least IMPACT certified through USA Volleyball, the national governing body of Junior Olympic club volleyball. Carolina One offers additional training to our coaches through the USAV Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP) and other coaching clinics, because we believe that, like players, coaches should continually strive for improvement.

Individual Attention from Dedicated Coaches

Carolina One believes in individual attention and training for every player. Coaches work with their athletes to set individual and team goals before and throughout the season, and sincerely care about helping each athlete achieve her goals. We are one of the few clubs in the region to provide all of our Power, Elite, and National teams with a head coach and an assistant coach, meaning players get more attention and more touches on the ball. Our State and Regional team players benefit from additional work with practice coaches, allowing them exposure to a variety of coaching styles.


Carolina One is the largest club in the Palmetto Region. This offers an advantage to our players, because our teams can play each other and help each other grow without having to leave our gyms to do so. We also have the resources to offer position practices and speed and agility training in our own facilities.


Carolina One was founded in 2007 and is entering its 9th season of competition in the Palmetto Region, making us the longest running club in the Greenville and Pickens areas. In that time, the club has not merged or had a director change. Many of our coaches have been with us since the founding of our club. The club has grown steadily each year, starting with 3 teams in 2007-08 and fielding 26 teams in 2014-15. We believe those numbers speak for themselves - players and families are drawn to our high quality programming and dedicated coaches.


Playing club volleyball is expensive. Carolina One is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and we are dedicated to keeping costs as low as possible for our athletes and families while still providing quality training and opportunities for participation in competitive tournaments. We also offer several advantages over other area clubs, including speed and agility training through Performance QSA and additional position practices run by qualified coaches. Our tournament schedules are designed to expose athletes to age-appropriate, competitive tournaments within a reasonable travel distance. 

Hours of Practice Time

It takes a long time and countless repetitions to master any skill involved in playing volleyball. Carolina One offers quality training for each team 2-3 nights a week, depending on the team. In addition to team training time, players have the opportunity to attend position training at no additional cost. The majority of players in our club participate in and improve by attending position practices during the season.


Carolina One offers teams in all age groups in both Greenville and Pickens. We have dedicated training facilities in both cities - the Imagine Center in Greenville and the Pickens Rec Center in Pickens.

Exposure to College Coaches

College coaches regularly attend and recruit from USA Volleyball club tournaments. If you plan to play in college, the best way to do so is to play club. In order to increase your exposure, we schedule competitive tournaments both inside and outside of the Palmetto Region, tournaments that many college coaches are likely to attend.

Many of our coaches have been through the college recruiting process themselves, and are able to offer unique and valuable insight based on their own experiences. Our Power, Elite, and National teams' tournament schedules are designed to provide maximum exposure to college coaches through attendance at competitive tournaments.

Competitive Tournament Play

Many players find that club volleyball provides them with the best opportunities to play competitive volleyball against girls from across the country. Carolina One strives to maximize this benefit by attending some of the most competitive USA Volleyball tournaments in the Palmetto Region and in the Southeast for our Power, Elite, and National teams. National teams also attend USAV National Qualifiers each year, where they are exposed to college coaches from across the country.

Support of a National Governing Body

When you become a member of Carolina One, you also become a member of USA Volleyball, the national governing body for volleyball in the United States. USA Volleyball supports everything from grass roots programs to the US Olympic teams. For club programs, USA Volleyball provides extensive background checks for all adults involved with juniors programs, insurance for practices and tournaments, educational opportunities for coaches and club directors, and dedicated administrative staff at both the regional and national levels. 

The Overall Experience

Carolina One strives to provide a successful club experience for everyone involved - players, coaches and parents. We are working to build a club culture of driven players, successful teams, dedicated coaches, and supportive families.