Club Fees

2016-17 Club Fees

Carolina One believes in offering the highest quality program at a reasonable price, while still maintaining high quality coaching, equipment, and facilities. Because we understand that playing club volleyball can be expensive, we offer several fundraising options.

For details about each team level, the amount of practices, tournament schedules, and what the fees include, please visit our Club Programs page.

2016-17 Fees Discounted
Lump Sum
  Installment Payment Options  
Due Dates 11/20/16   11/20/16
12/31/16 1/31/17 2/28/17 3/31/17 Installments
Juniors Team $425 or $300 $150       $450
Boys $575
or $300 $300
State Team $725 or $300 $225  $225     $750
Regional Team $1050 or $300 $300 $250 $250   $1100
Power Team
$1500 or $400 $400 $400 $400   $1600
$2100 or $500 $425 $425 $425 $425 $2200
$2400 or $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $2500
18U National $2100 or $500 $425 $425 $425 $425 $2200

Note for 2016-17: You may have noticed that our fees have increased for some team levels. This is for a few reasons:

  1. We are expanding our Speed, Strength, and Agility training program. Greenville teams will enjoy an exciting new partnership with LIFEperformance. Owner and lead trainer Andrea Bentley will be providing speed, strength, and agility training for all athletes. For Power, Elite, and National teams, some of this training will take place at the LIFEperformance facility, which will allow us to expand our conditioning program and offer a greater benefit to our athletes. Read more about the partnership here. Pickens teams will enjoy an expanded relationship with Velocity Sports Performance. In addition to weekly position practices with speed, agility and strength training, athletes on Power, Elite and National teams in Pickens will enjoy additional training sessions at Velocity to further enhance their athleticism.
  2. The season is slightly longer for State, Regional, and Power teams, with the Regional championships being held a week later in April.
  3. For State teams specifically, we have added an additional tournament. This is based on feedback we received from players and parents last season who wanted to avoid a long stretch of "dead time" prior to the Regional Championships.

We are excited for our 10th season and look forward to bringing you the same quality volleyball instruction and competition that we have provided over the last nine years, while also introducing these exciting new benefits to help our athletes take their game to the next level.

What do the fees include?

Our club fees include: coaching expenses, tournament registration fees, uniforms, region registration fees, and gym rental fees. Position practices and speed, strength, and agility training through LIFEperformance (Greenville) or Velocity Sports Performance (Pickens) are included for National, Elite, Power, Regional and State teams. Additional off-site speed, strength, and agility training at the LIFEperformance or Velocity facilities is included for Power, Elite and National teams. Our fees do not include travel expenses such as hotels, gas, or food.

Online Fee Payment

Online payment is available by logging in to the Carolina One player portal